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The Profi-Trader module mainly supports following business functions for Broker-Dealers/Accredited Banks:

  •         General data: broker-dealer companies, banks, securities, municipalities and places, stock exchanges, currencies and rates, business units and employees.
  •      Clients: general client data, contracts, securities accounts, money accounts, client overview.
  •         Printing contracts of opening and keeping securities accounts, broking, depositing, declarations and receipts etc. Contracts can be typical, or users could create their own Word templates, whereby variable data will be automatically filled in the contract.
  •         Trading orders: entering and printing orders, modify or cancel orders, receipt acknowledgments and order book. Here also exists the possibility to create own Word templates for orders.
  •         Importing data from the Stock Exchange: orders, executions, active orders, securities and prices.
  •         Sending of receipt acknowledgments of orders and execution notifications with multiple sending choices, by post, by email or directly to the client's web application.
  •         Foreign trading orders, recording by stock exchange and trading currency.
  •         Transfer of securities to other account of same client, transfer to other client's account.
  •         Takeover bids, depositing orders.
  •         Booking order for accounting.
  •         Client's portfolio by securities accounts.
  •         Recording of money accounts.
  •         Various mandatory reports stipulated by business regulations (Order Book,  reports for Security Commission and Central Bank) as well as other internal business reports.
  •         Orders and executions of treasury bills and goverment bonds etc.
  •      Various parameter settings of application


Trading order



Client's overview